Animal Weighing Scales 

Bin Weigher


Backing Bar

Our simple anti backing bar is designed for ease of use and to promote safety of livestock.

It is collapsible in the case that an animal straddles it and also has a safety catch if an animal gets caught underneath.

Designed to be moved easily from point to point it is also fully galvanised for durability.

Fits lefthanded or righthanded shutes.

Platform Scales.

These General Industry Scales have multi-purpose uses including but not limited to:

  • weighing packages for import/export
  • weighing feed and goods for trade purposes
  • weighing crop production on the farm

For commercial users our Platform Scales come with a Trade Approved Scale.

Backing Bar

Portable Bin Weigher

The portable bin weigher has a convenient sloped access ramp to make using the scale easy and hassle free.

Roll on your bin and the scale will provide you with an accurate reading within 3 seconds.

The Portable Bin Weigher is especially useful for commercial users who must monitor waste level for disposal.

Safe Bar
Platform Scales

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Handy Weigher


Load Bars

Load Bars.

These Load Bars are particularly useful as they can be fixed to an existing animal crate, turning it into a scales. All fixtures and fittings are included.

We have nationwide delivery.

Safe Bar

We provide a sliding bar with preset increments identified by numbers which correspond to the spacing on the linkbox, topper or other machine. The farmer allocates a number which matches the spacing onto each implement .

Also included are a set of brackets which bolt onto the lift arms, onto which the Safe Bar is placed. When attaching the implement the farmer first takes note of the number on the implement, places the Safe Bar on the liftarms and sets the Safe Bar at the correct corresponding number, and then reverses in first time.

Handy Weigher

Our handy Weigher easily and seamlessly fits on to :

  • gates
  • chutes
  • raceways
  • quad trailers

The Handy Weigher does not need to be bolted into place and the Handy Weigher has won both the Best Farm Invention and the Best Labour Saving Device awards.

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