Animal Weighing Scales 

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Digital Sheep Scales

All scales come with a large digital indicator which makes it easy to read from a distance. Our indicators are both mains and 2 aa battery powered allowing for use in areas with no electrical access. Our indicator works continually for up to 60 hrs with the 2 aa batteries. All indicators have a large LCD screen with bright blue back light to make reading the figures easy.  Our indicators come with a 24 hr back-up, a 1 year guarantee and is 100% waterproof.

All products are delivered nationwide.

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Knowing the performance of your flock is essential,to not only ensure the health and wellbeing of your animals but also that of your farm. Our scales can accurately weigh all sizes of lambs to mature ewes.

Our Digital Sheep Scales can also be used to weigh pigs and calves. Its unique design means that there are no mechanisms that could accidently hurt your sheep. Our scales are fully galvanised, works on both even and uneven surfaces.The scales has a set of wheels making it mobile for use anywhere on the farm.

Sheep in Scales
Metal Indicator

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