Animal Weighing Scales 

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All scales come with a large digital indicator which makes it easy to read from a distance. Our indicators are both mains and battery powered (2AAs) allowing for mobility and use in areas with no electrical access. Our indicator can work continually for up to 60 hrs with 2AA batteries. Our indicator has "IP67" rated weigh cells. All indicators have a large LCD screen with bright blue backlight to make reading the figures easy.  Our indicators come with a 24hr back-up, a 1 year guarantee and is 100% waterproof.

All products are delivered nationwide.

This easy to use scales is an essential piece of equipment for any serious breeders and competitors. Our scales comes with a non-slip, noise reducing mat to create a peaceful experience and to protect your horses hoofs during the weighing process. The platform is specially designed to provide enough surface space so that any horse using the platform will feel safe and secure while been weighed. The platform can also be supplied with attached guide rails.

The Digital Horse Scales has a moulded lightweight aluminium base sized at 2100mm x 980mm x 120mm (83"x39"x5") and has a capacity of 3 tons. The scales weighs a total of 70 kilos and comes with the option of a basic indicator or a recording indicator.

Metal indicator
Horse on Scales

Digital Horse Scales

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