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Digital Cattle Scale

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Metal Indicator
Cow on Scales

Our digital cattle scales are durable, light weight and mobile. Our scales are made with aluminium and has a 2 tonne capacity and is designed so that there are no visible wires. The scale fits in all crushes and contains an "IP68" rated weigh cells. Our scales are accurate at weighing your cattle even if they move during the weighing process. The Scales is mounted on 4 adjustable feet. Our scales have a chequered aluminium, non-slip floor to protect your cattle during the weighing process.

All scales come with a large digital indicator which makes it easy to read from a distance. Our indicators are both mains and battery (2 aa ) powered  allowing for mobility and use in areas with no electrical access. Our indicator can work continually for up to 60 hrs with batteries. All indicators have a large LCD screen with bright blue back light to make reading easy.  Our indicators come with a 24 hr back-up, a 1 year guarantee and is 100% waterproof.

All products are delivered nationwide.